The Mandalorian faction is the longest lasting non Force-sensitive group in AUSWRP history.


Mandalorians as a faction came together in 2005 when VMaN-13 approached Rampage with permission to have a Mandalorian character (previously Rampage was the only roleplayer with a Mandalorian character). This was the beginning of the permanent trend that all people wishing to become a Mandalorian must gain permission from the current Mandalore. The faction is not permanently active like the Jedi or Sith, due mainly to the priority that the FS factions posess and the obligations to the Jedi that both Rampage and Karamazov have as leaders in the Order.

Typically when the faction becomes inactive it also becomes locked down, preventing someone inexperienced or ill-equipped from resurecting the faction. Because of this process the AUSWRP Mandalorians are widley regarded as the best out of the English speaking hotels because of the strict and militaristic leadership Karamazov maintains.


The heirachy generally changes each time the faction becomes active again, depending on the exact needs and wants of Mandalore but ranks typically follow that of the real-life armed forces. The position of Mandalore has always been held by Karamazov (except in the faction's early days) and Rampage typically becomes second-in-command or Mandalore's advisor should the need arise.

One milestone rank that remains unchanged is the rank of Warrior, in which a person must undergo tests to prove their worth. These tests usually consist of understanding the Resol'nare as well as a person's ability to roleplay properly as a Mandalorian. Since the Warrior trial is more practical based rather than knowledge based like the Jedi trials the overall quality of high ranking Mandalorians is usually higher than that of other factions, however it also means that there are fewer Mandalorians in total.


The total control that Karamazov and Rampage posess over the faction has come under fire several times by people who beleive it is unfair to restrict the race from people who do not have permission, however a valid IC reason behind this is the fact that Mandalore does not allow his children to become mercenaries and deserters are killed on sight. Unlike canon Mandalorian armies that are typically numbered in the millions, the Mandalorian forces in SWRP are much, much smaller, meaning that all Mandalorians serve under Mandalore.

There has been much debate over the outcomes of fights between Mandalorians and FS characters because the lack of Non-FS factions meant that specific rules for Non vs FS combat were never developed. Only in recent years with the stronger push for Non-FS roleplay to play a bigger part in AUSWRP has the rules for Non-FS roleplay been discussed and developed.