Kriffin. Artwork by Rampage.






  • Jedi
  • Mandalorian


  • Jedi Grand Elder
  • Jedi Master
  • Default Mandalore


  • Dacob Chaar
  • Kriffin


Two unknown Jedi.


Yoda (or Yado)


  • Founding Member
  • Master of the Force
  • Non-Combatant

Rampage (now known as Yoda, or more commonly Yado) is one of the four Founding Members of AUSWRP. He migrated to the Australian Habbo Hotel when it opened to the public in November 2004, and made it his first priority to establish SWRP on the new hotel. Rampage was a part of the (then) main SWRP on Habbo Hotel UK for roughly one and a half years prior to migrating hotels. In this time he met and befriended the other three Founding Members (Who all hailed from Australia).


Inspired by the KotOR RPG, Rampage (Then using the accounts reggae.bob, blud.nut and Ignipotens respectivly) came across a member of the SWRP Sith. This encounter led him to meet !HET! and his future master !jayz! (Later Rebel! and Rebelm). Rampage joined !jayz!'s Jedi order as his padawan and progressed through the ranks quickly thereafter. This particular order game under fire from the more seasoned SWRP members for being "noobish" and incorrect but they mostly ignored them as they attempted numerous times into bullying the order into closure. TheKMac though being a part of the "proper" order, remained neutral towards Rampage and his friends and tried to be more diplomatic in his approach. A demeanour he would keep for eyars to come.

Roughly 6 months before Habbo AU opened Rampage drifted off into various other forms of Habbo RP (including some of his own designs) and eventually met Sycron. After his hiatus Rampage returned to SWRP for what would be the remainder of his time on Habbo UK

Habbo AU

Once Habbo AU opened to the public in November 2004 Rampage and Sycron made an immediate switch from Habbo UK and established SWRP on the new hotel. There has been many arguments as to who exactly made the first Jedi Order, but since none of the activities then were recorded in any way it is assumed for the sake of fairness that both Orders were made at roughly the same time.

Rampage soon closed his Order due to lack of popularity and joined Sycrons as a Jedi Master and Council Member. Several months after the start of SWRP on Habbo AU, !HET! and TheKMac began to frequent the Hotel, but refrained from migrating fully due to being commited to SWRP UK. The term Founding Member wasnt coined for several years, and was awarded to Rampage, Sycron, !HET! and TheKMac for their efforts in building SWRP on Habbo AU.

Currently Rampage is the only Founding Member still activly participating in AUSWRP, and has leaned towards a more administrative role in helping moderate the community forum, documenting and finalising rules as well as the majority of the work on this wikia. Rampage holds the title of Jedi Grand Elder and the rank of Jedi Master and is the longest serving Jedi on Habbo AU. Alernativley Rampage automatically inherits the rank of Mandalore of the Mandalorian faction should the main Mandalore, Karamazov, ever wish to give up the rank.


Rampage has had four characters, Dacob Chaar (retired), Kriffin (active), Mandalore Osron (retired) and Kar Osron (inactive). Dacob Chaar has a very intricate and detailed biography which roughly corrolated to the history of AUSWRP, the character was retired after the poor state of AUSWRP threatened to taint the characters rich history. Kriffin was created as a looser character with history entirely not related to AUSWRP save for where it intersects with post-Dacob Chaar artefacts and locations. Kriffin has no last name as a statement against the large Jedi families that appeared over the years which violated the Jedi Code outright. Both Characters bear similar appearences, this is due to Dacob Chaar being a personal idol of Kriffin.

Mandalore Osron and his son, Kar, are both Mandalorian characters who's stories eventually have them both following Dacob Chaar into the unknown.


  • Dacob Chaar was a randomly generated name from the KotOR game (Chaar being a fairly common surname in the random seed)
  • The name Kriffin was inspired by a typo of "frikken"
  • Rampage was permanently banned in 2008. He is now using the account Yoda
  • He earned the nickname "Yado" after someone yelled "move yado u fukken midget!!"
  • Dacob Chaar never died in SWRP combat dispite being called on frequently in early days to solve violent disputes.
  • Due to a negative reaction to adrenalin Rampage is entirely unable to take part in SWRP combat. He pioneerd the Non-Combatant rule in order to help people who cannot fight due to physical problems.
  • Rampage also owns the Habbo accounts "Sith" and "Jedi"
  • Rampage once held the title of Dark Lord of the Sith in an OOC state.
  • The name Rampage was inspired by the idea that "Darth Rampage" would make a good Sith name.
  • Rampage has served on almost every Jedi Council in AUSWRP history, and absolutley detests them as they rarely solve any Jedi related problems.
  • Rampage has had a total of two padawans who both converted to the Sith. He has never taken a Padawan on Habbo AU.
  • Rampage is a self proclaimed "Force Master" and has written several thesises based on the Potentium view of The Force.