The rules of SWRP never been fully documented, rather it has been based majorly off word of mouth and heresay. This system obviously caused many arguments and misunderstandings through out the community.

Recently a summary of the core rules of SWRP was written by AUSWRP founding member Rampage.

It would be a difficult task to ever fully document every action and feature of a universe so large, therefore an unofficial rule of common sense and logic generaly resides along side the written rules.


  •  Actions must be enclosed in either Asterisks (*) or Hyphens (-)
  •  Actions must specify who the action directed at.
  •  Not every action needs to be "roleplayed", e.g, you don't need to state if you walk somewhere (unless you are in combat)


  •  A person must be within view to attack. (unless an object is force guided)
  •  An un-interupted 5 line combo must be used in order to kill someone.
  •  Death is two days, 48 hours.
  •  No one can "void" a death. If you legitimatley kill someone they are dead for 48 hours.
  •  Dismemberment must be at least 4 lines uninterupted.
  •  Any kind of combo breaker must be 2 lines (unless dissipating the force).
  •  You cannot use the same two lines to break a combo. E.g, *rips it out* twice.
  •  For the sake of gameplay, there are no "unrealistic" defences. (within reason)
  •  Defence can be one line if it's after the first combo line and before the second.* No less than three words can be used for a combat action.

The ForceEdit

  • The word "Force" must be included in any line dealing with the force.
  • Force powers need to be dissipated, absorbed or dispelled to be removed.
  • When dissipating, absorbing or dispelling, the word force must be used.
  • Certain powers are rank-restricted. (This will be addressed further in the faction sections.)
  • Dark/light side powers are generally restricted to their respective alignments.
  • Only force sensatives can do force related abilities.
  • Non-Force sensatives can "resist" some powers.
  • Force sensitivity is now a restricted characteristic.
  • An existing FS character may invite you to join a FS faction.

Non-Force SensativesEdit

  • All characters who are not part of a FS faction (Sith/Jedi) must be Non-FS
  • Non-FS characters are cannot use The Force at all.
  • Non-FS characters can *resist- force powers after the first line, but not after the second.
  • (Non-FS only) Force related disabling abilities last 10 seconds in combat, 10 minutes out of combat.


  • Rare materials, such as Beskar and Hijarna cannot be used, unless your faction has canon control of the source, or is given it by someone who does.
  • (OPTIONAL) Brackets [] can be used to indicate OOC talking.
  • IC people should not be kicked from a room.
  • OOC people may be kicked.
  • If you are dead you are considered to be OOC.
  • You cannot role-play as a ghost unless you permanently kill your character.
  • IC force ghosts can be "killed" via 5 line force dissipation.
  • If someone states they are not there, they cannot be attacked. (AFK, BRB etc.)
  • If a habbo's eyes are shut, it is assumed they are not there.
  • Items/weapons/equipment must be stated in either your motto or your tags. ("Various eq" is NOT acceptable)
  • A player can opt-out fo fighting whilst remaining IC by adding [NC] (non combat) to their motto.

Foreign PolicyEdit

  • Reglardless of your ranks on other hotels, if you are new to AUSWRP you are unranked.
  • Foreigners cannot hold "power ranks" such as Dark Lord. (Unless the faction allows it)
    • Unless that person has been apart of the community and active for more then 3+ hours a day for few months, and is well known and liked.
    • Also if the person is helping the roleplay instead of ruin it, and knows how to respect the fact that yes, your still a foreigner.
  • Rules vary from hotel to hotel, this is AUSWRP and it's rules must be followed.

Frowned AponEdit

The following are things that are frowned apon, but are not necisarily rules.

  • Dancing
  • Excessive OOC
  • "Spamming"
  • Excessive force use on Non-FS characters.
  • Excessive typos
  • Kicking
  • Leaving mid-fight


The following are things that are commonly considered rules, but have never been officially accepted. Most myths come from rules or traditions of other Hotels.

  • DOF (Duel of Fate) Nothing can exclude a person from AUSWRP.
  • Auto-Death. If a person leaves mid-fight without warning they are considered to still be present IC.
  • Fixed position in the timeline. AUSWRP exists roughly 25,000 BBY to present.

Banned ItemsEdit

  • Hijarna Stone
  • Beskar/Mandalorian Iron. Only Mandalorians have access to this metal.
  • Taozins, Ysalamiri and any other "force void" animals.
  • Void stones.
  • Lightwhips.