TheKMac (later Kai-Mahk) is a Founding Member who originated from Habbo UK. Along with !HET! he came to Habbo AU later than Rampage and Sycron, but left a very longlasting impression on the community.

Kai-Mahk is commonly refered to as the greatest Jedi in the history of AUSWRP. His knowledge and interpretation of Star Wars lore was unparalleled, and constructed an intricate and challenging labyrinth that lead to entire rooms full of hand written information and explanations of countless things related to Star Wars and SWRP. Many claim this to be the ultimate source of knowledge for aspiring roleplayers.

Kai-Mahk decided to leave the SWRP community in favour of a more active social life and has not returned since. It has been rumored that he occasionally visits under the guise of a "random account" to see what's changed, but he has never made his presence known.


  • Kai-Mahk is a play on his original account TheKMac and is also his Roleplay characters name.
  • The K in TheKMac is the first letter of his first name.
  • Kai-Mahk's "archives" have been refered to as "Tomb Raider like" as it includes moving platforms and pitfalls, it is a marvel of room engineering on Habbo Hotel as well as an excellent source of information. It also requires the user to activley work towards aquiring the informaton. (Which some would say makes the knowledge obtained worth more to the user)